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Mobile Crossing WayPoint 100 and WayPoint 200


mobile crossing waypoint 200Mobile Crossing is releasing two new Pocket PC-based GPS handhelds, the WayPoint 100 and WayPoint 200.  While Mobile Crossing has been producing GPS and Bluetooth accessories for awhile, this is the first time they've stepped up with the full all-in-one unit.  T200 sports Bluetooth as the main difference.  Both run on Windows Mobile 2003 Premium Edition on a 400 MHz Intel XScale processor, offer CompactFlash Type II and SDIO slots for expansion, and have 240x320 QVGA 3.5-inch screens that show you where you are (the main difference is that the T200 sports Bluetooth). Both also include NavTeq maps, Mapopolis routing, TrafficWatch, and Weather Underground services.  Also coming with the units are vehicle mounts and local maps.  Pricing information isn't available yet, but expect it show up soon.

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