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Apple Store SoHo: Come here often?

Barb Dybwad
Apple Store Soho

Where do the swank young hipsters pick up dates these days? Bars? Gym? Online personals? Or perhaps, the next logical location: The Apple Store.

Keith Allison explores the Soho Apple Store culture in a piece for CITY magazine, noting its appeal to unusually hip and attractive computer nerds. He thinks it’s Apple’s ‘fusion of design, technology, and lifestyle’ that brings in models, artists, students and hipsters to their retail outlets. The creative architecture contributes to the atmosphere, as does the staff, who “all look like they just wandered in from practice with a local indie rock band.”

Allison offers the suggestion of turning the Genius Bar into a wet bar in order to truly capitalize on all of this hipster energy. Hey, I would go. Maybe I’d meet the love of my life over an apple martini.

(story via PowerPage)

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