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KDDI's Love Mate comes in Orange and Blue

Peter Rojas
KDDI Love Mate Orange

Whether they'll ever actually be sold to the general public or not isn't clear, but KDDI is showing off a new Windows Mobile for Pocket PC-powered handheld called the Love Mate that's designed to help visitors to get around at the Aichi World Expo 2005 which begins in Japan next March. The Love Mate sports a 520MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, 64MB of ROM, a 2.8-inch LCD screen, and a built-in VGA quality digital camera, and actually comes in two versions, the Orange (pictured at right), which has 3G cellphone capability, 802.11b WiFi, Bluetooth, and English-language software so we won't be hopelessly lost when we hit the show next year. The Blue skips the 3G stuff, and the WiFi has to be added via a CompactFlash card (which seems totally weird, but whatever).

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