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GE's GlamCam

Ryan Block , @ryan

You know, we're totally all about gadgets for the fairer sex—anything that makes it more socially acceptable to carry around eighteen devices (let alone two or three) is just fine by us. But with some products even we get the distinct feeling of gender condescension. Like GE's $100 GlamCam, for instance, a ugs cellphone-lookin' device that is half-digital camera half-compact (apparently every gadget for women has to have a mirror somewhere). The upshot is that it's got a rechareable lithium-ion battery (a rarity in its price bracket) but they cut other corners with a mere 8MB of internal memory, apparently unusably small LCD, and a (gasp!) 1.3-megapixel sensor. We've been wrong about this stuff before—who knows, this could be a huge tween seller—but damn are we not buying these for any of our ladyfriends.

[Via Designtechnica]

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