Swim goggles with heads-up display

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Thomas Ricker
June 24, 2005 9:15 AM
Swim goggles with heads-up display image
Swim goggles with heads-up display image

swim goggles heads-up displayLike Katie Williams (Brunel University grad, proud Welsh dragon) our interns find it hard to remember how many laps they've swum here in the Engadget HQ Temple Garden — especially when we release the robotic swimming snakes. Fortunately, Williams' developed a system which projects the number of laps swum, speed, and the elapsed time right in the goggle lens while maintaining the feel of ordinary goggles. This allows swimmers to maintain their form instead of straining to glance at pace clocks or watches which warp their hydrodynamics. A small button on the side of the goggle turns the display on and off and signals to the "compass" the direction of travel - when the swimmer turns, the time is registered and lap-count increments.

[Thanks everyone who sent this one in]

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