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The cellphone glove

Ryan Block, @ryan
The cellphone glove

So the idea is that using a cellphone in the wintertime sucks because you have to take your hand all out and get it cold when you make your call — trust us, we know, New York gets a might bit nippy this time o' year. The solution? Build a glove with a zipper in the thumb so you can remove one of your twiddlers to dial. We're not going to knock on how if gloves are too cumbersome to dial they're probably to cumbersome to grasp the tiny thumb-zipper, or that the creators must have not yet heard of a little thing we like to call voice-activated dialing. We're just going to remind you of a few people who might actually get some real use out of this thing: our fair friends, the cellphone distance throwers.

P.S. Is it just us, or does that thumb in the picture look totally severed?

P.S.S. We were curious so we filled out the survey on the bottom of the product page. Yes, an overwhelming majority (42%) think this idea has no merit.

[Via textually]

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