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LG @ CES - LCD TVs and components

Eric Lin

In addition to a sick line up of new plasmas, LG is launching a slew of other TVs and boxes to go with them.

There's new DLP rear projection TVs, but we don't know why LG even bothered when they said that those will be completely displaced by plasma by the end of 2005. Although plasma will continue to rule the larger displays, LCD will pick up the small and mid-sized categories. The flagship LCD will be a 55" model (pictured above) with 1920 x 1080p resolution and digital terrestrial as well as analog tuners. There are smaller HD models with dual tuners in 42, 37, and 30 inches.

If you want something to show on your new HD flatscreen, the LDA-511 DVD player, will enhance the resolution of a standard DVD to 1080i - no need to wait for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray or try to choose between the two. The LDA-511 has HDMI outputs, and a memory card reader to display photo files. LG will also bring out a DVD player recorder capable of playing or recording any DVD format, as well as a number of set top boxes and PVRs.

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