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Memorex TravelDrive M-Flyer: USB flash drives for bosses

Memorex M-Flyer

Why do executives get (or need) their own USB drive? Furthermore, why does anything labeled "executive style" usually correllate to it having better style than its normal consumer electronics equivalent? Are they saying executives are more classy than the rest of us? Because the Memorex "executive-style" TravelDrive M-Flyer is encased in very classy stainless steel, and wastes precious little time between golf rounds with transfers up to 25MB per second over USB 2.0. It also includes a push-button retractable USB cable, a flashy lights show when it's plugged in and transferring data, and it stores up to 2GB worth of TPS reports. All this for a scant (well, scant if you're an executive) $250.

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