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The iGesture replaces clicking with gesturing

Marc Perton

It's definitely not for everyone (and at $130, you'd better really want it), but we can't help but be intrigued by the iGesture Pad from FingerWorks. Unlike a conventional mouse, trackball or touchpad, the iGesture relies on "finger gestures," an approach the company claims is more ergonomic than clicks and drags. While the method seems less than intuitive, the company provides animated examples of common gestures on their site, and many do seem fairly straightforward (though tapping with three fingers to represent a double-click just seems wrong). And for fans of mouse gesture plug-ins for programs like the Firefox browser, the iGesture could be a natural extension. We just wish FingerWorks would consider calling the movements something other than "finger gestures." For us at least (we're from New York, remember), that phrase conjures up some very specific images, and they ain't the ones FingerWorks would like us to see.

[Via PC Magazine]

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