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BenQ launching 6ms LCD monitor?

CES BenQ displays

A few days ago, BenQ quietly revealed an interesting detail on its European website stating that one of its new LCD displays will have a "Grey To Grey response time" of just 6ms. This got lots of folks concerned with such things really excited, but it also caused a bit of confusion since all the CES coverage reported that BenQ's displays had a more standard pixel reponse time of 8ms. We saw so many BenQ displays at CES (see above) that we really can't be sure if we missed a detail about the reponse time or if BenQ was keeping a secret from us. 

But we digress. Depending on who you ask, a 2ms difference in reponse time is either a big deal or it isn't. As most of you probably know, a lower response time generally means less blurring and ghosting on screen, but there are other factors, like contrast ratio that can have just as big an effect on picture quality and, in that department, the BenQ doesn't look so hot. It only has a 450:1 contrast ratio—compared to an 800:1 ratio on some Viewsonic monitors—something which may well negate any advantage in response time. So, BenQ, you wanna clear things up for us?

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