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Battery life isn't going to get better anytime soon

Peter Rojas
Battery life

Do we even have to remind everyone that it's the year 2005 and we still do not have a cellphone that can go a month without recharging or a laptop we can use unplugged for more than a few hours? We all know what the culprit is: sucky batteries paired with ever more feature-laden, wireless-enabled, power hungry gadgets. And there's no Moore's Law for battery power, either—the Economist reports that the amount of energy a battery can store is on pace to grow a mere 8% a year, nowhere near fast enough to keep up with our mobile devices (and it remains to be seen whether fuel cells will be able to fill the gap anytime soon). Maybe there'll be a few renegade manufacturers that strip out everything unnecessary in order to offer a cellphone with extremely long battery life, but since it's hard to imagine anyone removing WiFi from laptops (for example), we should probably all just got used to fighting over power outlets at airports and Starbucks.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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