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Penck: au's latest Design Project handset

Gareth Edwards

PenckOf the Japanese cellphone companies, KDDI subsidiary au continues to take the lead with out-of-the-ordinary handset designs. Latest in its au Design Project series is Makoto Saito's oddly-monickered Penck (named for artist A.R. Penck), a rounded-off CDMA 1X WIN handset with 3D speakers, a 1.24-megapixel camera, a 260,000-colour, 2.2-inch, 240x320-dot LCD screen, and support for song downloads, Flash, and movin' pikchas in the SD-video (.ASF) format. It also may just be the first cellphone you could take to a stone-skipping contest and have any kind of chance at winning.

[Via K-Tai Watch (Japanese)]

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