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iTech's MobileWIZZ for cellphone data backup

Jesse D. Lewin
iTech PHOTO MobileWIZZ

Why can't we all have cellphones that interface simply with our desktop PCs without paying our service providers for the privilege, so that we might live more fruitfully through keeping our information everywhere we need it?  Enter iTech, makers of the Bluetooth virtual keyboard, who have developed the MobileWIZZ and PHOTO MobileWIZZ.  Now don't lose faith because they're giddy with the caps lock key, as they have developed a rather beautiful pair of devices.  With a USB port on one end and the interface of your popular cellphone manufacturer of choice (Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Nokia for the photo, with Motorola added for the mobile), these bugs will swallow 10,000 numbers and 1,000 texts, along with 30 small images on the photo version.  Once inside your WIZZ device (anyone have to pee?), your data can be managed, though only slightly, through iTech's included software.  MobileWIZZ is simple, quick, and dirty…just like last night in the alley behind the pub.

[Via Pocket Lint]

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