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Bone comic book will be a game. Developer risks all future soup lunches.

Ben Zackheim


Another favorite comic book is being made into a game. If they screw this one up, I will personally spike their soup. It's promising that the team is made up of Sam & Max: Freelance Police alumni. Then there's the fact that Jeff Smith, the series' creator, has always made great decisions with his characters.

Tipster JK Parkin writes:

Telltale Games will produce a PC game based on Jeff Smith's long-running Bone comic book.  No release date has been set. The game will start at the beginning of the epic, with Fone Bone separated from his cousins by an angry swarm of locusts.  In his quest to find them, he then wanders into a valley filled with strange characters, including dragons, evil rat creatures, talking bugs, a beautiful princess and her butt-kicking elderly grandmother.

"Detailed rich characters and incredibly immersive story telling are everything to us," said Telltale's CEO Dan Connors in a press release. "We are proud that Jeff Smith and Cartoon Books have decided that we are the best partners to bring Bone to life in a series of PC games. The Bone world has so much texture and depth and combines a unique blend of superb adventure, mystery and humor – it is a great first license for Telltale."

The entire Bone story was recently collected in one gigantic volume, and is being reprinted in color for Scholastic's new graphic novel line.

If you haven't read this comic (and you enjoy a great yarn) you must pick it up.

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