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F.E.A.R. shots make blood look like Kool-Aid

Ben Zackheim


Sometimes your enthusiasm reminds us why we do what we do around here. Sassan Atbaei writes:

Wow these screenshots are wicked. You can see the reflection of the blood! Sooo shiney. Oh, and do you see the footsteps of a little girl?
(ed. note: To see why we know it's a little girl, watch the clip). Now this is what I call better than Doom 3. Check out the trailer too at gametrailers. :)

Hope you guys enjoy these screenshots.

That is indeed some fine blood, Sassan. We can say with confidence…this game will scare us. Watch the E3 clip to see why we're so sure (the chills start at around 7 minutes in). Warning: gore and dirty, little nasty words.

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