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King Jim's QR code clock

Peter Rojas
King Jim QR code clock

We'll say straight out that this is probably of extremely limited utility, but a Japanese company called King Jim is coming out with a clock that can display QR codes (which are sort of like fancy barcodes that can be embedded with information). Since we probably just answered your first question (what in the hell are QR codes?), now you're probably wondering, Why would I want you a clock that could do that? Well, actually, you probably wouldn't want a clock that could do that, but your employer might. The idea is to use these clocks as punchclocks for off-site workers (you know, like caregivers, etc.). The clock displays a QR code with the date and time in it, you then capture the code using the camera on your phone, and then the phone communicates back to the boss man or boss lady that you've arrived at wherever you're supposed to be working. Of course, this all backfires if you somehow manage to take the clock home with you.

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