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So where's the Clio NXT?

Marc Perton

We've always not-so-secretly coveted a Clio — no, not a Clie — the Windows CE-powered (if the word "powered" can be used rather loosely) subnotebook from a few years back. Sure, it couldn't do a whole lot, but we still think it's one of the best-designed portable computers ever. So, we really would like to be able to check out the Clio NXT, the next-gen model being developed by Data Evolution, which bought the rights to the product from original maker Vadem. The NXT, which keeps the original Clio's flip-screen and tablet/notebook capabilities, is said to include WiFi, an 800x600 display, SD, CF and PCMCIA slots, and, yes, Windows CE. Darren Humphries of SmartMobileAssets wonders where the NXT is, and points out that he's spoken with Data Evolution CEO Robert Sowah, who promised him a review unit to check out, but has recently stopped returning his calls. We're hoping that Sowah is just too busy working on the NXT launch (it's not supposed to be out until April, so they've still got time to roll it out on schedule) to get back to Darren, and that the NXT will be out on time. Oh, and Bob (we can call you Bob, right?), if you're reading this, we'd like a review unit, too.

[Via PocketPC Thoughts]

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