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Get ready for microSD. P.S. - It won't be so bad.

Peter Rojas
Sandisk 256MB TransFlash

Normally news that we're going to have yet another flash memory card format to contend with would result in plenty of whining on our part about how there are way too many formats to deal with already, whining which may or may not be followed by some sort of plea for the manufacturers of the world to join hands and work together on common standards. But not this time around. When we first read the news about how the SD Card Association was introducing an even more mini version of miniSD called microSD we figured they were getting a little arrogant, that maybe they'd become drunk with the power that comes from being the SD Card Association. But then we kept reading the press release and realized that they're not exactly introducing a new format—they're more or less co-opting SanDisk's TransFlash card standard. The new microSD card is going to be fully compatible with and have the same exact dimensions as TransFlash (both measure 11mm x 15mm x 1mm in size), and SanDisk has already announced plans to "transition" its TransFlash line to the microSD standard later this year. It sounds like everyone decided to spare us the pointless format war.

P.S. - Couldn't find any pics of a microSD card, but since they're supposed to be the same size as TransFlash cards…

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