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Sony Ericsson said to plan cellphone with "auto-adaptive" themes

Marc Perton
sony ericsson theme

We can't confirm this independently, but according to an "exclusive" report on MobileRead, Sony Ericsson is working on a new cellphone display that will automatically create new themes based on your surroundings. The "auto-adaptive" phone will apparently snap pictures periodically, and then build a theme based on what it sees. According to the MobileRead post, you'll be able to set your phone to create a theme based on the overall ambience of your surroundings (i.e., green if you're in a forest), or one based on actual recorded images. (We assume the system will be intelligent enough not to create a black-on-black theme every time you shove the phone in your pocket.) We like the novelty of this, though we could see it wearing thin pretty quickly — and being a big-time battery drain as well.

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