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RCA intros new SDTVs at HDTV Summit


RCA is introducing a bunch of new entry-level SDTV televisions (seven to be exact) at the HDTV Summit. We're not sure about the exact details of each model, but they'll be available in 27 and 32-inch screen sizes in both flat-screen and standard tube formats.  Yeah, yeah not exactly something to build your dream home theatre around, but RCA has managed to pack a few new tricks into the sets. For starters, all models have a built-in over-the-air ATSC tuner/decoder that'll receive all 18 different digital TV formats, supposedly giving you a DVD quality picture for digital terrestrial broadcasts. Some models are also equipped with a 5-brand graphic equalizer and comb filters to minimize edge crawls and other naggy picture distortions, plus the requisite component inputs.  Prices start at under $300 for the 27-inch models and $400 for the 32-inchers. Look for them sometime this summer.

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