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Dice America's Wi-Pics WiFi interface for digital cameras

Marc Perton
wi pics

It's bulky, requires a tether from your digital camera to your belt and costs over $1,700, but if you're a pro shooter, Dice America's Wi-Pics may just be the next accessory you (or whoever's footing your bills) will spring for. The unit (which we first looked at in prototype last year) is a dedicated WiFi transmitter that hooks into your camera via its Compact Flash slot (no other formats supported, but if you're a pro, you've got CF, right?) and lets you send your images to a nearby computer. There's also a version with a hard drive, which is handy in case your network goes down and there's something else in your CF slot instead of a memory card. We wish they could've come up with a version that packed the whole thing into the CF slot or otherwise did away with the whole cable-and-belt-pack thing. Kodak was able to do it with the Easyshare One, but for this one, looks like it's just no dice (sorry, couldn't resist).

[Via Photography Blog]

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