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iPod Camera Connector supports iPod photo only, media readers, and USB host?

iPod camera connector

Earlier this week the iPod Camera Connector became available for ordering from the online Apple Store. Early this morning Apple put up several support documents which were shortly thereafter taken down (but only after being noticed by iPodlounge), which highlighted a few items of note about the new $29 device:

  • The iPod Camera Connector is not supported for use with older iPods. Only the iPod photo is supported, despite earlier hopes that older generation iPods might be able to use the connector.

  • External media readers will be supported for use with the device. In addition to being able to hook up directly to your camera via USB, you can also hook in any supported media reader and suck down photos from card-based media.

  • The USB port on the connector is a low power port, and can't be used to charge other iPods.

  • Interestingly: "While an iPod photo with an attached iPod Camera Connector may recognize another iPod if you connect it, transferring photos from one iPod to another is not supported."

The last item hints that the iPod photo may in fact have some sort of USB Host capability. Though it may not be supported by Apple to do iPod to iPod transfers, let's see what the folks at the iPod Linux project can come up with.

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