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Sony ordered to stop selling the PlayStation and PlayStation 2

Peter Rojas
PS2 Console

So it's true: last week a federal court did order Sony to stop selling the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, Dual Shock controllers, and a bunch of different games, as well as pay $90.7 million in damages after a losing a patent infringement suit brought against them by Immersion Corp. (Immersion alleges that Sony violated several of their patents related to haptics technology). Don't worry, you'll still be able to pick up the PS2 and all the rest of that stuff in stores—Sony managed to get the injunction stayed while they mount an appeal—but they're almost certainly going to have to pay up sooner or later (sounds like they think that, too, with a Sony spokesperson confirming that they're making arrangements to license Immersion's patents). Probably one of those times they should have followed Microsoft's lead, they settled with Immersion back in 2003 and "only" had to cough up $23 million.

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