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PlayStation Portable hasn't sold out yet

Peter Rojas

It only took a day or so for Sony to pretty much sell out their initial shipment of 200,000 consoles when the PlayStation Portable launched in Japan this past December, but apparently the PSP isn't even close to selling out over here even though it's already been week its North American debut. Not selling out could have something to do with Sony's decision to try and flood the US market with as many as consoles as possible (sorry, Europe!), but one research analyst estimates that they've only sold about 575,000 so far, with as many as 300,000 still left in retail channels (doesn't sound like they met their goal of having a million PSPs by launch day). Not that we're complaining or anything. We'd rather they overestimate and have too many PSPs out there, rather than deliberately create some scarcity in order to drive buzz.

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