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Pantech says no to the cameraphone megapixel race

Peter Rojas
Pantech PH-L4000V

South Korean cellphone maker Pantech says what we've been dying for a cameraphone manufacturer to say for months now: that they're not going to waste time competing with LG and Samsung in the megapixel race and instead are going to focus on their energy on making their cameraphones easier to use and integrating other features into handsets. Not that they're not going to keep coming out with crazy camcorder cellphones (like the PH-L4000V, pictured above), but they're guessing that the global market for five megapixel cameraphones is relatively small (and likely to stay that way for the next couple years) and that most people would rather have a two or three megapixel cameraphone that was incredibly easy to use. A smart move on their part, but there's probably some posturing going on here, too, since they would have had to pour tons of resources into keeping up with LG and Samsung in a megapixel war that they almost certainly wouldn't win.

[Via Reiter's Camera Phone Report]

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