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Hawking HWUR54G Wireless-G Range Extender

Hawking HWUR54G

The Hawking HWUR54G aims to tackle those dead spots in your home or office wireless network. It works as a range extender to amplify the signal from your existing wireless access point, effectively doubling its range. It's compatible with both 802.11g and 802.11b networks, thus avoiding compatibility issues — the device claims to work to extend any 802.11b/g network whatsoever. It's also billed as having a very simple setup process involving nothing more than entering the ID of your current wireless network. We've been promised a lot of things in the wireless world, and we sincerely hope the Hawking HWUR54G lives up to its goal of painless, hassle-free range extension. We should be able to find out in short order, as it's shipping now for an estimated retail price of $99.

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