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Adobe scores Macromedia for 3.4 Billion


It must be nice to be able to drop 3.4 billion before breakfast.

In a morning stunner, Adobe announced that it will be acquiring Macromedia in an all-stock transaction, a move which bumped shares of Macromedia up more than 8 percent in early trading, while Adobe shares sank 11 percent.

There is no word yet on which programs will continue to be supported and/or which programs will be killed but both companies say they are still "planning out the integration with the hope to utilize the best business and product development practices from each other." Unfortunately, odds are that we, the customers, won't have too much say in that.

I know quite a few Freehand loyalists who will be paying close attention to this, not to mention more than a few Dreamweaver fans (like myself) who cringe at the thought of using GoLive - unless the best of both worlds are combined, which never seems to happen in cases like these.

What's your general feeling about this merger? Do you think they'll change the name of the combined company to something unoriginal like AdobeMedia?


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