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Sakar MAC-63721 mousepad/Caller ID-speakerphone: Why?

Marc Perton

Never mind the fact that in the era of optical mice, old-school mousepads are about as useful as floppies. That hasn't stopped Sakar International — best-known for cheap, gimmicky items like iPod cases with built-in speakers — from coming out with the MAX-63721, a $50 combo mousepad/speakerphone with Caller ID (and, no, it doesn't interface with your computer in any way, so forget about using it with VoIP or even integrating the CID data with your address book). Yeah, if you still use a mousepad, this could save some space on your desk. But assuming you're living in the 21st Century, you're probably better off saving the $50 and picking a phone based on features you'll actually use, rather than cheap gimmicks (wait — we just learned this has a calculator! Now that makes this truly indispensable! We'll take two; one for the desk and one to lug around with our laptop!).

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