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Toshiba's triple-layer 45GB HD-DVD

Ryan Block, @ryan
Blu-ray + HD DVD

We're hoping that this doesn't mean Toshiba is backing out of discussions on unifying HD-DVD with Sony's Blu-ray disc for the next-gen disc standard, but we don't think it's necessarily a great sign for a peace accord when they've developed and announced a way to slap on a third layer to their HD-DVD disc. This, of course, enables 45GB total (that's 15GB per layer, if you weren't counting)—if Sony did the same, they'd get their discs up to 75GB, and even still, their dual-layer has a 5GB advantage. But don't worry, to make things even more complicated, Toshiba also announced a double-sided, dual-layer hybrid disc, which consists of the dual-layer 30GB HD-DVD and on opposite a dual-layer 8.7GB DVD. Jeez guys, will you lay up a little? How about focusing your attention on unity instead of this war of attrition?

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