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Actively Mobile fitness device

Not that we know anything about exercise, but we can imagine how difficult it would be to carry all our gadgets while covered in perspiration forged from purposeful zip. That's where Jennifer Bove's dreams of convergence can help. Her thesis project (read: not yet a product) theorizes about a device she calls the Actively Mobile - a fitness device worn on the wrist, arm or hip that incorporates a heart-rate monitor, MP3 player, mobile phone, GPS locator, time and speed tracking, and a little sumtin' called Buddy Run which allows two or more people, running together but in different places, to talk or hear another person's pace for motivation. Unfortunately, if anyone were to hear us running, they'd likely presume it was some kind of obscene caller floating in a tub of chicken fat. If you're desperate for this now, the Nokia 5140i is about as close as you're going to get.

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