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Konfabulator 2: The Pre-Dashboard Dashboard Updated


Konfabulator, the pre-Dashboard and pre-Tiger widget-running program that everyone loved to love / hate has been updated to version 2 today, and there is a new Windows version of the program to boot. The Konfabulator site has virtually no information about the update, opting for a flashy graphic and download links to both the Windows and OS X versions.

Once you download the program, you are presented with the program and no Read Me file. However, MacCentral notes, "With version 2, the Konfabulator engine has been expanded allowing Widgets to have multiple windows and allows for more complex, application-like Widgets, according to the developer. The Widget gallery has also been redone and now has over 1000 user contributed Widgets to download." I downloaded and installed it and my first impression is: seems a bit sluggish.


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