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Motorola iPhone Demoed at the D


iTunes Music StoreJason jumped into chat and fed me this from the D conference at around 8PM EST:

Ed Zander of Motorola took the stage to show off a new Motorola phone running what Walt Mossberg described as "iTunes" and which Zander says will sync with iTunes.

We knew this was coming sooner or later, but here's the cool bits: He says it'll have a speaker loud enough so you can play your tunes from your desk, and it'll come with a 1 megapixel camera. Zander alluded to the Motorola phone containing a hard drive, which means the possibility of many more songs than most people have thought possible with any sort of iTunes capable phone.

Now the real question is: will there be an actual Apple-branded phone? Zander wouldn't comment on this.

What do you think? Will there be an iPod-phone? Would you buy one if there were?


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