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Make your PC more Maclike

Scott McNulty

There have been numerous blog entries about making Windows look more like OS X, and frankly I never saw the point. I'm more of a defaults kinda guy when it comes to look and feel, about the only thing I do when I am using a PC is to set Windows XP to look like 'Classic Windows.'

I have no need for a fake dock, or icons that want to trick me into thinking I am using a Mac. The thing that would be most useful to me is if there were a way to make my PC act more like my Mac, i.e. allow me to perform certain tasks in much the same way. Apparently I am not alone in this wish and, unlike me, Marcus Vorwaller did something about it. If you need to use a PC for any reason I suggest you check out his blog entry entitled, 'Make Your PC Work (not look) More Like a Mac.' I know I'll be downloading some of the apps he suggests as soon as I am at my work PC tomorrow.


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