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Inflight cellphone usage, chapter 834: could be a terrorist threat


The whole debate over whether or not the FCC should lift the ban on inflight cellphone use is still raging, and the latest word in the "no" camp is something so predictable that we have to wonder why we didn't hear about it earlier: the U.S. Justice Department, FBI and the Department of Homeland Security feel that cellphones could be used in flight to communicate with accomplices in the coordination of terrorist attacks. They also worry that cellphones could be used to trigger remotely-controlled bombs in order to bring down an aircraft. This puts us in the awkward position of being strange (very, very, strange) bedfellows with Homeland Security because of our position in favor of the ban, though we really just want to prevent getting wedged between two incessant yakkers on our next flight and could care less for the anti-terrorist hysteria.

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