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iHome's iH5 iPod dock alarm clock radio

Ryan Block, @ryan
iHome iH5

Ever asked yourself iPod dock or alarm clock—or the same and both? Looks like your wait might be over, but iHome's iH5 (no no no, not that iHome) doesn't leave you hangin' without a buzzer, AM/FM radio (what, no Sirius or XM tuner?), and line-in jack to start that day off right by kicking it out first thing AM however you like to do it—after all, what could be better than waking up to mad deep psych jams on a sunny summer morn? Sure, the iH5 is a little big and clunky looking, but it should be available for a Benny this August, which is a lot less expensive than some of those other speaker/docks out there that couldn't care less about making sure you're punctually up and at 'em.

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