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Taco time: mod Jay's eMac

Jay Savage

Sitting here surrounded by the guts of my eMac, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to put all these bits of metal and plastic back into the case in a different order, or replace some of them entirely. If it were a second generation machine, priority number one would be overclocking. Since my board isn't jumpered, however, that's out of the question. I'll probably end up leaving this a simple repair job. But if I don't, what should I do with it? Two things jump to mind immediately:

  1. See if I can dig up the pinouts on the video display, and turn it into a monitor for a Mini, possibly with external FireWire and USB ports.
  2. Full fledged Taco: strip it bare and replace the innards with a flat screen and a Mini. Wouldn't even be too much work: there's room in there to seat a Mini case whole without even opening it.
What would you do with an eMac shell?


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