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Boy dies after 12 hour gaming session

Steve Parsons

Wow, aren't we just a little ray of sunshine. The other day it was the idiots in South Korea leavingatari joystick their four month old daughter to die while they played WOW. Then earlier today, the boy who killed his parents. Now it's a 12 year old who died after 12 hours of gaming! Perhaps we should be carrying a "May Cause Depression" warning.

The boy, referred to as Sergei, collapsed after playing for 12 hours straight. He was rushed to hospital, and died a week later. Cause of death was a stroke. Apparently the prolonged emotional stimulation of the brain led to a haemorrhage. At least that's the professional verdict, which sounds a little Doctor Nick to me.

Having played for 12 hours, most likely sitting the entire time, I would have guessed at deep vein thrombosis, where a clot forms in the leg, then when you stand up, dislodges and moves around your body until it finds somewhere cozy to settle and kill you, but then I'm not a doctor. I only play one at parties.

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