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Averatec 4200 widescreen laptop reviewed

Marc Perton

averatec 4200At 4.7 pounds, Averatec's 4200 laptop may not be the lightest notebook around, but for the features it offers — which include a 13.3 inch widescreen display, Pentium M 730, 512MB RAM standard, 80GB HDD, WiFi, flash reader and a DVD burner — it's pretty light on the wallet at $1,199. And, oh yeah, it comes in a half-dozen different colors. (And, yes, we know we're going to get comments from some of you suggesting that Apple has a patent on "computing devices with pigment integrated into external casing surfaces." Get over it.) MobileTechReview checked out the 4200, and came away impressed, calling it a notebook that "works as good as it looks, it offers good runtimes and won't burn a hole in your pants since the CPU is cool compared to mobile Pentium IV processors."

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