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Public service announcement: avoid launching drug-filled rockets from your car


Yeah, we know it's been a dilemma for some of you for a while now — finding the perfect way to jettison your stash should the long arm of the law find its way to you — but the verdict is in on at least one method: don't use vehicle-launching rockets. Luckily Michael Ray Sullivan and Joseph C. Seidl of Missouri did the groundwork for us all on this one, by rigging up a methamphetamine-filled rocket in the trunk of their car, triggered to ignite via the dashboard cigarette lighter. Trouble is, even with all that meth the rocket never got high when the cops actually did come to call and amusedly found $145,000 worth of crystal stuffed inside a hobby rocket in the trunk of their 1990 Ford Thunderbird. And even if the thing had flown, we're not 100% sure on this but we imagine the cops would probably have noticed a rocket launch — but hey, YMMV.

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