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Toshiba Qosmio G20 widescreen media laptop reviewed

Marc Perton

toshiba qosmio g20We love the specs of the Toshiba Qosmio G20 (who couldn't?): 17-inch WXGA display, 1.73/1.86GHz Pentium M processor, 128MB GeForce 6600, 160/200GB HDD, 512MB RAM standard and a TV tuner. Unfortunately, according to Geekzone's review, those features don't always equate to a solid media experience, which is what this laptop is supposed to be all about. They found video output to an external display to be distorted, and also felt that the laptop's ability to run its DVD/CD player without booting was too limited, as it couldn't drive an external display in this mode (we disagree; sounds like a great feature for on-the-go music or movies). Their main problem was the lack of Windows XP Media Center Edition — the box has XP Home and Toshiba's own media center software. However, that's not Toshiba's fault; MCE has yet to be officially released in New Zealand, where Geekzone is based. We think Microsoft had better get with the program — word is that Sauron wants his MCE, and is not happy.

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