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TVEyes launches Podscope, first spoken word index and search engine


With so seemingly hundreds of thousands of podcasts popping up every day, how's a person supposed to keep track of it all? Sure, iTunes 4.9 and other apps have indexes to help you find something to listen to, but if the title of the podcast and/or show notes aren't detailed, how do you know if it's really worth listening to?

Enter Podscope. Podscope is a service of TVEyes that plans to index every single word in every single podcast by every single "known" (to whom?) podcaster by the end of August. It's like Google for podcast content. Now that's a lofty goal.

"Podscope uses our proprietary speech recognition software to fuel our Spoken Word Index(TM) engine, enabling users to see and hear exactly what they are searching for in audio and video files," said David J. Ives, president and chief executive officer of TVEyes, Inc.

Yes! I couldn't agree more. You may recall that one of the reasons I am so down on podcasts is that they aren't searchable. If Podscope solves that problem, I might become a believer.

Podscope already indexes more than 20,000 podcasts from more than 3,500 sites. In addition to its web crawl for podcasts, site owners can submit their sites for indexing.

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