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Disembowelled Mighty Mouse

Scott McNulty

The good folks at Ars Technica were sick and tired of Japanese Mac fans having all the fun taking apart the newest Apple gear. What did they do about it? They sacrificed their brand new Mighty Mouse by ripping it apart for curious Macheads to take a look at the innards and marvel at Apple's hardware engineers' cleverness.

What did they find hiding within the white exterior of the Mighty Mouse? A speaker for one (some people doubted me on this one), a place where a capacitor could be put (for a Bluetooth version perhaps?), and a bunch of other optical mouse type things.

The most interesting part of this article? When they call the Apple Store and see if they have any more Mighty Mouses (Mice?). The Apple rep tells them that they are sold out but there is a floor model to test out. I'll leave the punch line to the original article, but it is chuckle worthy.


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