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Genii joins the hot HDTV market

Kevin C. Tofel

Think the HDTV manufacturing market is cold? No way, it's hot, hot, HOT! Yet another company has thrown their sets into to ring; this time it's Genii, a Taiwan-based company. Genii currently offers two LCD sets, a 32- and a 37-incher. The smaller set offers 1080i, while the the big brother displays 1080p.

Better yet are two upsized models planned for the fourth quarter: a 42- and a 47-inch LCD, both of which are 1080p capable. We don't know the prices for the big boys, but the two smaller sets are currently priced at $2,200 and $3,426, respectively. Here's hoping the new Genii's survive an ocean voyage to the United States before end of year!


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