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Three new LCDs from Philips are better than one

Kevin C. Tofel

Not satisfied with one or two new sets, Philips launched three new LCD sets. The new PF9830's come in three flavors, 32-, 37- and 42-inches. All three siblings utilize the next generation Pixel Plus and Ambilight technologies. Pixel Plus increases the horsepower under the hood to improve resolution, while Ambilight provides complimentary backlighting for contrast and color enhancement.

The three sets were announced for the U.K. market; no word on hitting the United States. Pricing ranges from 2,299 to 3,999 British Pounds, which actully sounds high. If we did the math correctly, the smallest set starts at a shade over $4,000. Sounds like Philips didn't read our last post on declining LCD prices.


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