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HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray : Round 2

Kevin C. Tofel

First it was who had the better format for storage; both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray can store a gazillion bits of data, so it's time for a change in battle tactics. Now the jabs are starting to pepper the security factor of each format. Not that this will surprise you but each format claims to have the most effective security.

Yesterday the Blu-Ray folks returned fire from the previous day's HD-DVD attacks. On Tuesday, the HD-DVD camp declared their security is as good as Blu-Ray and won't bring any playback issues on to the consumer. The Blu-Ray brigade fired back yesterday indicating that their ROM Mark will enhance content security and won't present any incompatibility issues.

In a related side note, Blizzard Entertainment is considering a sequel to their wildly popular battle game "Worlds of Warcraft". The next game is called "Discs of Doom" and players must swear loyalty to either the HD-DVD guild or the Blu-Ray band of bandits. Before you gamers get excited, we're obviously joking: clearly you could never get a single guild to agree on a DVD format.


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