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RecoverPC doesn't quite sit right

Ryan Block, @ryan

When we first heard about Involution Technology's RecoverPC we were kind of puzzled as to how a $177 solid-state hardware solution that wasn't some kind of drive imager or with a large amount of data would be able to "recover instantaneously from any software problem" your system has. A visit to their site didn't help much, as it was filled with a bunch of tech marketing lingo; their product video didn't turn up anything, and their support knowledge base resulted in up zero entries for "the" and "a." They also only list one retailer to buy their product worldwide, Halcyonics (UK) Limited—which is the same address listed for's offices in the whois db. PC World says it "tracks all changes made to the PC's system partition," by journaling the data in protected cache on your drive. That makes a bit of sense, but it doesn't sound quite right, since it could require hundreds of gigs of data if, say, you keep your media on your c: drive and make a lot of changes. So basically we're open to suggestions here, people, as to how RecoverPC works—or if it works. Or if it's even a real product.

[Via Digg, PC World]

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