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What's the best Windows emulator for Mac?


I realize that the craze now is to install an illegally acquired and hacked developer version of OS X on an x86 box, but reader Brain writes in asking: "I searched around on the blog and didn't see any post asking the readers to compare using VirtualPC, GuestPC, and iEmulator. I am talking my employer into getting an iMac G5 for my desk (instead of the standard Dell at the office.) He told me I could if I'd be able to do some of the Windows only applications. . . . I wondered, which emulator was preferred by the readers? I understand none will run at full speed, but have your readers found ways to speed them up? "

If you only need to run Windows 95 level of computing power, I'd recommend Bochs. When I need to use Windows, I sometimes use VirtualPC. However, the fastest solution for me is to use the free Remote Desktop Connection to jump into one of the Windows boxes nearby. What does everyone else here do on such occasions?


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