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Where Blogger Fails (or, My Gripe with Internet Companies)


Have you heard the really cool news? There's a new Blogger for Word toolbar that lets you post directly to your Blogger-brand blog via the world's most prevalent word processor: Microsoft Word. However, it's not Mac compatible.

I'm used to things not being Mac compatible, but this really irks me. Why? Because the Internet isn't a Windows world. It's not a Mac world. It's not a Unix or Linux world. The Internet is the great melting pot of Operating Systems. All computers want to work with the Internet and everyone on the Internet (interested in reaching the largest audience possible) wants to work with all computers.

Why then, do Internet companies, like Google, continue to release software and functionality that is tailor made for only one computing platform? If you are a huge Internet-based company who would seem to one day want to become the Internet OS (tm), then it *might* be in your best interest to ensure that everything that you release to interface with the Internet will work on the widest variety possible of computers. I'm tired of Google releasing Mac-compatability as an afterthought. I'm tired of there still not being a Picasa for Mac, and I'm very ticked off that this new cutting edge technology, this Blogger for Word, only works with old Word on old 2000 / XP. There's a much newer OS out here. Not Vista. Tiger. //rant off


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