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Samsung vs Philips: Battle to Standardize LCD sizes

Matt Burns

The outcome of a scuffle by two manufacturers is always positive. Take this one for example. Samsung would like to standardize the large LCDs at the 40-inch size, while LG.Philips wants it a tad smaller at 37-inches. Samsung is pulling out the big manufacturing guns it has and is increasing the production of its large 40-inch size LCD from 20,000 units to 100,000 per month. LG.Philips is trying to undercut Samsung through their price and variety of sets from different brands. 

We don’t care what manufacture comes out ahead in this one, as long as we can get a quality, large LCD for under a grand. We already know that large LCDs are going to drop below $1,000, but only through house brands. With Samsung 40-inch LCDs still above $3500, and comparable Philips brand 37-inch LCDs about $2,500, we have a long way to go. We can wait though if it saves us some cash. Can you?


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