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Metal Slug 4 & 5 bundled

Steve Parsons
Metal Slug

Gaming has come a long way, but some days, you just want to get back to good old run and gun action. You, some 2D graphics, and lots of things to shoot. That's where Metal Slug comes in. It harkens back to a bygone era. A more innocent time for gaming.

The premise is simple. You're a little guy or gal, and various evil doers are hurled at you in wave after neverending wave. You get to the shoot them or, if they get close enough, fillet them like fish. It's wonderfully therapeutic after an annoying day at the office to pump some bad guys full of the ammo of your choice, and then perform knife moves rarely seen outside of Iron Chef. Allez Cuisine indeed.

SNK have thrown together MS 4 & 5 into a bundle for the PS2, and shipped it for you lucky people who have never had the pleasure. It's available now. If you're not sure if Metal Slug is for you, Gamershell has a trailer, as well as some screenshots of the good old fashioned carnage you can enjoy in this great throwback series. You can shove your polygons and pixel shaders and bumpmapping, Metal Slug has gameplay in spades!

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